Your are probably wondering what you get for your money.

Well Ovenstate would like to take this opportunity to explain exactly what it is we do and exactly what service you will receive.

To start with we remove everything that can physically come out of the oven. So the side racks and shelves are removed along with the back panel and fan and on some ovens if possible the side panels as well.

These are all put into our special dip tank outside, which is filled with our fresh,100% bio-degradable solution to soak and get rid of all that grease and burnt on dirt that has built up on your shelves and panels whilst we continue with the inside of your oven.

We take off the door and split it into 2 sections when possible so that we can clean all 4 sides of the glass getting rid of all the streaks and burnt on dirt that you cannot reach from just cleaning both sides of the oven door.

We remove all fittings on the front of the oven so that we can clean them all individually and get to the grease and dirt that has built up behind them.

We then clean the inside of your oven before returning to our van to collect your oven panels and racks and fitting them all back into your new looking oven. We then finish off with a final polish to put that shine back into your oven.

Hobs are cleaned in a similar way to the oven, firstly if it’s a range cooker or gas hob we remove the pan stands and burner rings and put them in the dipping tank outside along with your oven parts.

We then take off all the fittings to clean individually, so leaving the hob clear then to remove all the burnt on dirt and grease before putting the fittings back. The hobs then given a final polish before putting back your burner rings and pan stands leaving you with the shine re-instated.